5 ways to truly reduce powerpoint size

We have decided to create an article on how to reduce PowerPoint size because when creating your presentation, you will have to insert images and videos and they will add some weight to the presentation.

Reduce PowerPoint size

PowerPoint is essential to use them to support your speech and catch the eye of the audience.

For this reason, in some cases, it is impossible to send your project by email. 

So you will need to reduce the file. 

Let’s see how!




You can always compress, edit or crop your images in PowerPoint.

However, in order to reduce the size of an image, we always advise editing the image outside PowerPoint.

For instance, Photoshop allows you to compress your images before adding them to your Powerpoint project.

# 1.1

Spot large images

To check this you can create a copy of your Powerpoint presentation.

The extension must be renamed with .zip instead of .pptx, this will convert the file into a zip folder automatically.

Then you just have to open the zip folder and go to the folder ppt – media.

Here you will find all the media that are present in your Powerpoint presentation, be it videos, icons or images.

You will be able to sort them by size to see which are the heaviest.


# 1.2

Insert your pictures

You may want to copy and paste a picture in your PowerPoint.

Don’t do it!

It is always better to insert the image.

Actually, when you copy and paste a picture directly on PowerPoint, it might be reformatted to PNG or BMP.  Both types of file are heavier than JPG, for instance.

So everytime that you copy/paste a picture, you will add weight to your ppt file.


# 1.3

Convert to another format

Now you know that you have to insert your images in PowerPoint.  But, before that, you can change the file type of your image.

Changing the format will reduce the size of the image. The smallest size format is JPEG or JPG.

# 1.4

Compress pictures in PowerPoint


You can also use a tool that allows you to compress picture in PowerPoint.

You can compress an image in the format of your choice and do it for all the images in your presentation easily and quickly.

  • First, you need to identify the large image.
  • Then select it
  • In the Image Format tab select Compress Images.
compress picture in ppt
  • If you need to compress only one picture, you can leave the two top boxes checked.
  • If you need to compress several images, you should uncheck the first box.
Compress picture
  • Choose the 330 dpi resolution, this is the HD resolution.
  • Click on Ok and save as a new file.

Your image will then be lighter but will still lose some quality.

This is how you compress a picture in PowerPoint!

Easy, right?



It is possible to reduce the size of your videos while keeping their quality.

The technique is similar to the one explained above.

You need to open your Powerpoint presentation and go to the File tab. Go to Information then Compress Media.

There are two options: HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p). Select the one you like best and then Save.


Save as PDF to reduce PowerPoint size.


This option is possible under two conditions: that your presentation is without animation and that it is not editable.

With the PDF format it is easy to send your presentation by email. Open it in Powerpoint and go to File – Save – Browse. A new window will open, select the PDF option in the type drop-down menu and save.


Convert Your Presentation
to the PPTX Format

Normally, the PowerPoint files are saved in the PPT format.

You need to know that PPT format is large compared to the PPTX format.

PPTX is an optimized format that was created specially to reduce PowerPoint size.

If you want to change the file format of an existing PowerPoint, you can do it directly in PowerPoint by clicking in Save as and then choosing the .pptx format.

Otherwise, you can always use an online converter like SmallPdf.

Convert ppt to pptx


Compress PPT presentations as a ZIP file

The last thing to do if you need to reduce the size way more is to compress ppt as a ZIP file. 

Here’s is how you do it in Windows and Mac:

  • Windows:
    • Right-click on the ppt file and go to Send to.
    • Select the following option: Compressed (zipped) folder.

Windows will compress your PowerPoint and at the end you will obtain a ZIP file.

  • Mac:
    • Right-click on your ppt file and click on Compress [name of the PowerPoint].

The Mac system will compress the file and you will see a ZIP file with the PowerPoint name created.

Do you know more
on how to reduce PowerPoint size?

These are our 5 ways to truly reduce PowerPoint size.

We are always open to new advices and tips, so if you know a better way to reduce the powerpoint size, let us know!

You can leave a comment below.

We will be more than glad to hear your thoughts!

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