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Our team has gained the expertise it takes to produce sales deck that close deals, presentations that share knowledge and inspire change.
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Sales &

Present your company selling points.

In an ever changing and competitive market, it is necessary to stand out from the competition. With new products and services appearing all the time, you want to make the difference. Our specialised design team work collaboratively with you to develop a suite of customized presentations for all your teams.

Fully editable and cohesive with your brand identity, you’ll have the tools you need to share the story of your company, attract customers and close deals.

Type of presentations

– Corporate Presentations
– Product Demo
– Sales Deck

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& leaders

Optimize the outreach of your message and inspire people.

You are a visionary with great ideas and you’re in a position to lead a team or company forward. However, sharing your insights to induce change or action is not always easy.

Through strategic presentation design, we’ll help you structure your message and develop a clear and engaging presentation that will have a long lasting impact on your audience. That way you can focus on what you do the best.

Type of presentations

– Strategic planning
– Vision Meeting
– New Product Launch

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Trainings & Instructions

Teach with engaging content.​

Training documents can be dense in content and hard to understand.

By combining text, visuals and audio if needed, we will design learning modules that communicate a lot of information effectively.
We can implement navigation and interactivity to help you chose your program or allow your learners to choose their own.

Type of presentations

– Corporate Training and Onboarding
– Technical Policies and Procedures
– Learning Modules

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& Technical

Make your expertise accessible to the general public.

We understand how complex it can be to present heavy data, technical processes and diagrams, and make them understandable for general audiences and meaningful for experts.

Our technical illustrators will take time to understand your content and messages to create custom visuals that popularize scientific information and make it digestible for anyone.

Type of presentations

– Clinical Trial Progress Update
– New Innovation Launch
– Solution Uses and Benefits

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Analytical & Research

Present your discoveries meaningfully.​

Your findings may be data rich, detailed and technical. Through visual design, we will help you transform your information into simple and easy-to-read slides that your audience will understand and remember.

Type of presentations

– Financial Performance Reports
– Survey Data and Findings
– Knowledge Mobilization Seminar

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& Investors

Introduce your company to the public

Pitching requires to both communication your business vision and convince potential investors in a very little time.

Our team of business-minded creatives will help you create a stunning visual universe that support your story and help your message stand-out.
Focus on your messages, we’ll make sure your slides capture investors attention.

Type of presentations

– Pitch Deck
– Series C Fundraiser
– Investor Relations Quaterly Report
– Capital Market Days

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Frequently asked questions

We strive for simplicity and take a ”less is more” approach while knowing what information is critical to the slide.

If you need a copywriting service we work with and can recommend a specialized agency.

Our team  of in-house presentation designers all have their expertise. Our illustrators are always happy to create custom-made icons and illustrations to visualize your message or enrich your visual asset database.

Our team  of in-house presentation designers all have their expertise. Our image editors  are always happy to source on-brand photos and edit them when needed to illustrate your message or enrich your visual asset database.

We’re used to be hired on extremely urgent projects requiring a 24H-48H turnover. However the visual outcome can’t be as polished as the examples on our website. If we  regularly work together and we already know your branding and expectations we can deliver appealing slides in a really short timing.

Google slides and Keynotes have no secrets for us anymore. We recommend PowerPoint over Prezi as the latest limits the creativity we need to meet our client’s expectations. We use PowerPoint to create the same animations and layouts that are characteristic of Prezi presentations—you can view examples in our portfolio.

A presentation designers before being trained on PowerPoint is a designer with its own expertise. Designing a presentation involves different skills from and not limited to illustration, photo editing, motion design videos, infographics , data visualisation, editorial design, branding..etc

Our Presentation Design Agency can remain available for last minute edits and make sure you don’t get additional stress.

Based on your briefing and the content that you share we estimate the time needed for your project. As a Presentation Design Agency, we have developed a three steps method to ensure every project is unique.

Depends whether it is a new presentation or a re-design project. Give us a call or send us an email so we can scope the project and tell you exactly what we’d need to kick off production.


We work for clients spanning a wide range of industries in Europe. Let us know what type of project you’d like to see and we’ll find a non-confidential example to show.

We’re used to work on complex projects involving different teams in different countries. Our work process includes assigning a project manager who’s in contact with the client and the team of designers. The PM organises the communication and  production to make sure we don’t lose either time or information.

It depends on the complexity of the project. We should plan an average of two weeks if it’s the first time we work together. That includes the Preparation, Production and Reviewing steps. In case of emergency we can prioritise on your project and assign a team to deliver within your deadlines.

Delivery of the projects includes all visual assets used during the production. You are allowed to edit and re-use the slides.

We work with in-house designers and have a strict process to make the information remains between us and the client. We can sign NDA when ever needed.

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